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Prayer of Thanks

Author: Beckie Scanlan

The snow, holiday spirit, and our upcoming Friendsgiving has me feeling extra thankful. I try to not take things for granted, but it’s sometimes hard to remember. Some of my favorite prayer is when I thank God for all he has given me. 

It feels like a habit during prayer to just ask God for help, ask him to make things better, or to ask him to pray for you and others. Of course, He wants us to come to Him with everything we need – He loves when we do – because he is such a Good Father. But I can’t help but feel bad for constantly saying, “Hey God, I need this, I need you to help this happen, etc.”

I mean, isn’t it annoying when a friend is always asking for favors and doesn’t seem that grateful? Further, doesn’t it feel so nice when you do something for someone, especially something you think is ordinary and simple, and they actually thank you for it? 

That’s why I take a step back when I feel myself getting into that habit. When I thank the Lord for what He has given me, and I acknowledge that everything I have and that everything I am is because of Him, I think it strengthens my relationship with Him.  

When I find a good parking spot while running late to class, I thank Him. 

When I have a good day, I thank Him. 

When I have a bad, grouchy day, I thank Him for loving me through it.

When I am in Mass, I thank Him for bringing me there.

Something so simple has the power to help me grow deeper in my faith as well as boost my mood. 

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