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How Do We Know?

Author: Robin Black-Rubenstein

Intuition is spiritual knowledge. The source feels like a mystery but has always been a part of us, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb", Psalm 139:13. When we try to make it logical it disappears. Listen, learn, and honor the voice of wisdom from within. A little bit goes a long way. As a young child I spent hours outside. My favorite place to be was my lilac bush. I made myself a little home inside the bush. I felt sheltered from the world within the womb of nature. It was a sacred space. My sacred space is a lot different now and varies depending on my mood and time. However, nature almost always brings me to a place of peace that my spirit calls home. Find your sacred space. It is in that space where we first begin to hear what we already know.

Where are your sacred places? Where was your sacred place as a young child? If you are not sure where you find peace begin first by finding quiet, then simply ask and listen. Ideally you will find several places and ways of accessing the peace of the spirit within, whenever you need it.

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