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Author: Zachary Knebel

It's Holy Week. Coming up is Holy Thursday. The Institution of the Eucharist. Where Jesus laid down his Body and Blood and he begins his sacrifice (More on that from Scott Hahn). The Last Supper leads into Good Friday. The betrayal with a kiss from Judas. The denials from Peter. The Scourgings. The Crown. The Cross.


Why did Jesus have to die?

Because he loves us. God could have saved us anyway he wanted. But he became man and died on the cross to show us how much he loves us.

Next time that you feel abandoned or alone or unloved, think of this song. Put yourself in place of the little girl. When God points down at you, know that he does this because he loves you. He wants to share his love with you for all of eternity.

During these next few days keep in mind his love for you, and think of ways you can show him that you love him back. Then do them. Show God you love him.

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